The ACUSON X300™ Ultrasound System by Siemens®

Dr. Rijsinghani At Middletown Medical ImagingTo help our professionals provide you with the highest level of ultrasound and digital radiography services in NJ, our center uses the ACUSON X300. This innovative system delivers superior images and extends our general, cardiac, and OB/GYN capabilities. It also improves our ability to provide you with reliable diagnostic services.

The ACUSON X300 PE is extremely versatile, allowing us to apply its technology across a wide range services and serve patients in a variety of exam stages. This includes providing imaging services for patients with conditions that are traditionally more difficult to image.

In addition to increased usability, this system’s synthetic aperture technology and Hanafy lens transducer technology provide us with exceptional image clarity as well as evenness. This translates into accurate images on which doctors base your diagnosis.

For our OB/GYN patients, the ACUSON X300 meets all of the demands obstetric and gynecological procedures have. Moreover, its fourSight™ technology provides you with 3D imaging solutions, producing high-quality images of your womb and the growing child inside. Furthermore, the machine features innovative syngo® Auto OB measurement technology, which is programmed to recognize fetal anatomic landmarks. This tool also makes performing standard measurements easier, maximizing exam efficiency.

For our cardiac patients, the ACUSON X300 allows our professionals to approach your echocardiography exam with diagnostic confidence. That’s because it provides us with automated measurements and precise, 3D rendering of mitral valve structures as well as blood flows. This helps us diagnose carefully and precisely.

Benefits of Choosing Digital Radiography

Middletown Medical Imaging 16 Slice CT ScanDigital radiography offers faster, more accurate, and overall superior results than analog or traditional x-rays. Some benefits, like lower cost, are very apparent. There are many more advantages to choosing this advanced technology for your medical needs, however.

Digital imaging allows medical professionals to employ computer-aided diagnostic tools. This improves accuracy when treating specific conditions. The digital machines also experience far fewer quality issues because there is no need to develop film.

Analog (traditional) x-ray machines require significantly more radiation than digital machines. Though numbers vary and depend on usage, digital radiography in Middletown can reduce radiation exposure by a factor of 10. More specifically, a study concentrating on skeletal radiography saw reduction levels of 20% and 50%.

Efficiency is key to keeping patients’ experiences positive. By choosing digital radiography, doctors are able to take twice as many images as they could with analog or even CR technologies. In addition, the digital images provided by today’s advanced machines can be sent via secured email. This means faster, more accurate diagnostics. Digital images also further reduce costs because fewer professionals are required to handle them.

Chemical treatments and thus waste are required to produce analogue x-rays. Digital x-rays eliminate the need for these pollutants, reducing waste and making radiography more environmentally friendly.