The Power of Digital X-Ray Imaging

DDigital X Ray In Middletown NJigital x-ray imaging is a step above traditional x-ray procedures. With digital radiography, physicians are equipped with a higher resolution image to use for diagnostic interpretation. The images can also be easily manipulated for a more diverse approach to diagnosing medical conditions.

Our experienced and certified x-ray technicians will guide you through the digital x-ray process. You’ll either stand near an x-ray cassette holder or rest on our exam table to achieve the required positioning. You’ll then remain still for just a few seconds while our x-ray technician steps behind a radiation barrier. Digital x-rays use an extremely low amount of radiation compared to traditional methods, and yet offer medical professionals a greater variety of diagnostic options.

The entire exam will take between 10 and 30 minutes. This is a much faster appointment than with traditional x-ray technology, which allows you to enjoy a shorter imaging visit. We provide results to your physician within 24 hours, and in an emergency situation, we can deliver your digital x-rays to your doctor within one hour.

Whether you want to schedule your appointment or prefer to walk in without one, we’ll be able to provide you with the best digital x-ray imaging in the area. Learn more at our digital x-ray information page.