The Most Common Types of Medical Imaging

Significant advances have been made in modern medicine, and advances continue to be made on a constant basis. Of all of the advances that occur in medicine, medical imaging is one of the most valuable. Medical imaging makes it possible for medical professionals to diagnose various conditions. Because this technology allows doctors to see the structures within the body, it makes it possible to diagnose a condition that may otherwise be overlooked.

Here is a look at some of the most common types of medical imaging available at imaging centers in NJ.


X-rays are among the most commonly used forms of medical imaging. X-rays provide images of the interior structures of the body by sending a concentrated mean of electrons from an X-ray machine through body tissues. The electrons that are sent out by the beam capture images of the hard structures within the body, such as bones. This type of medical imaging is often used to diagnose breaks in the bones, for example.


Magnetic resonance imaging, more commonly referred to as an MRI, involves using a magnetic field and radio waves to create highly detailed images of the organs and the tissues inside the body. An MRI machine is essentially a large magnet, which realigns the hydrogen atoms inside the body, thus capturing images of the structures with the body.

CT Scans

Computerized tomography, more commonly referred to as a CT scan, uses a series of X-ray images, which are taken from different angles and utilizes computer processing to create cross-sectional images of various structures within the body, including the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues.

If your doctor has ordered a medical imaging test, it is likely that you will undergo one of these three commonly used tests.