How to Calm Your Child Before Their MRI

Regardless of your age, going for your first MRI can be scary for anyone. When you’re a parent, you want to help your child feel comfortable in whatever situation they face, including their first MRI. Here are some tips on how to calm your child before and during their procedure, so the entire process goes smoothly for everyone.

If you stay calm, they’ll stay calm – Before the procedure and through the duration of the testing, it’s important that you as a parent stays calm during your child’s MRI. For comfort, children often look at their parents for reassurance about the unknown or something they’ve never encountered before. If you present to your child that you’re not nervous about their procedure, even if you are deep down, this will help to keep them calm as well.

Prepare them, don’t scare them – There’s a fine line between going above and beyond to prepare your child for their first MRI and scaring them about the process. Explaining to them what will happen during their test without showing any fear or concern helps to educate them on the procedure realistically. This shows them that you’re confident the test will go well without sugarcoating any of the potentially startling things that may happen during the process.

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Unexpected Things an MRI Can Detect

Magnetic Resonance Imaging tests, otherwise known as MRIs, are used to detect a variety of conditions, diseases, and disorders throughout your entire body. But have you ever wondered just what an MRI can exactly detect and diagnose? Here are some of the most unexpected things having an MRI done can diagnose in your body.

Blood vessel issues – If you’re having problems with your heart or your blood, an MRI can point out some pretty severe blood vessel issues. One of the most common things it can detect is vasculitis, which is the acute inflammation of your blood vessels due to an infection in your body.

Gastrointestinal issues – Many times, an MRI can spot certain gastrointestinal conditions or diseases in your body without you even knowing they are there. This type of medical imaging uses a variety of different pictures and images taken of your body, giving your doctor a clear view of what’s happening within your GI tract.

Certain ear, nose, and throat issues – If you’re experiencing issues with your ears, nose, or throat, and MRI could potentially help to diagnose them. Using the various magnetic and radio waves to process a detailed image of your ENT area, your technician and doctor will be able to see this area of your body a little more clearly than through a stethoscope.

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Foot X-Rays – What You Need to Know

Having any type of medical digital imaging can be nerve-racking, especially if you’ve never had one before. If you’re having some form of orthopedic X-ray done, such as your feet or hands, not being able to use those parts of your body can be a bit scary for the time being.  Here are a few things you need to know before going into your first foot X-Ray and what to expect from it.

Try to wear easily removable shoes – Before your foot X-ray, it’s important to know what to expect before you go in. One of the most important things to know is to wear easily removable footwear and socks since you’ll need to take them off before the procedure. This helps to speed up the process and make it less uncomfortable for you.

Wearing comfortable pants – Along with wearing comfortable shoes and socks to easily be removed for the procedure, wearing comfortable and flexible pants is important as well. Pants that are easy to move in and roll up at the ankle are going to be vital to making your foot X-Ray go as smoothly as possible.

Try to relax – Getting the most accurate picture of your foot as possible is the goal of this X-ray, so it’s important that you’re relaxed and still. If you’re agitated and upset, which is natural before an X-ray, your technician may not get the best picture possible. Try deep breathing or meditation before the procedure to fully feel at ease for your test.

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