What You Need to Know About Our Dynacad Prostate Software

At Middletown Medical Imaging, we always like to be at the forefront of technology for all of our medical digital imaging. It does not matter if you are getting an MRI or having an X-ray done, we make it our goal to have the most cutting-edge equipment and software available. We are proud to announce our integration with Dynacad Prostate Software, one of the leading forms of digital imaging in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Here are some fast facts you should know about Dynacad:

  • Dynacad is a software that helps our radiologists read, analyze, and diagnosis issues with the prostate.
  • This software is used in sync with our 3T MRI technology and is a non-invasive form of testing.
  • Dynacad provides some of the most detailed, accurate images of the prostate available to date, which makes evaluating your situation easier from a radiologist’s perspective. This also helps to speed up testing times, treatment plan layout, and overall better experience in finding out the issues within your prostate.
  • Using our 3T MRI machine and technology, Dynacad offers the ability to transfer data directly from the MRI experience into the software.

If you are looking to schedule your prostate MRI with us at Middletown Medical Imaging, or have other questions regarding our hours, location, and insurance options, please contact us today at 732-275-0999.