3T Highfield Wide Bore MRI


We are proud to announce that the wide bore 3T Magnetom Verio MRI is available at Middletown Medical Imaging. The open design can accommodate various size patients comfortably reducing anxiety and claustrophobia.
Magnetom Verio offers a high level of flexibility with innovative applications for each body part.
The Tim+Dot is a proven performer demonstrating the power of 3T clinical imaging providing high quality examination portfolio thereby helping your doctor to make accurate diagnosis.

  • Comfortable, wide bore design 70cm.
  • Most advanced images available on the market today.
  • Can accommodate up to 500lbs.
  • Shortest scan time of any scanner in Monmouth County, each scan is approximately 15 minutes.
  • Open and high field magnet in the same facility.
  • Walk-ins welcome!