Better Imaging With an Open MRI Machine

Patients have long complained about traditional MRI machines. Some feel a great deal of discomfort in a small, enclosed space, while others have difficulties with physically entering the space. Whether the reasons are physical or psychological, the MRI is an invaluable resource to physicians and a necessary procedure in many instances. How can diagnostic imaging centers overcome these issues and perform magnetic resonance imaging in a safe, yet comfortable manner?

An open MRI machine has proved to be the answer. With this latest development in imaging technology, patients experience the same painless and safe non-invasive procedure as before, but without the confined space. This comfort and freedom provides peace of mind, and patients welcome the additional space they feel with the open MRI machine as opposed to traditional MRI units.

Patients who have a larger frame or who suffer from physical ailments can more easily be accommodated with an open MRI machine. In addition, patients who need advanced supervision are also more easily scanned.

At Middletown Medical Imaging, we take MRI seriously. Your comfort and the accuracy of your results are the most important elements of the procedure to our staff. To ensure that both of these conditions are met, we carefully plan and prepare your scan in our MRI machine along the following lines.

As a patient, you relax on a cushioned table that slides into the MRI scanner. You’re monitored for the duration of the procedure by our technician, who keeps in contact with you via our high-quality speaker system.

We’ve chosen to use the Hitachi Airis Elite open MRI machine—one of the most popular models on the market today. High-quality images for accurate diagnoses are critical to your treatment, and with our facilities and equipment, we ensure you’ll get nothing but the best.

Whether you are a patient or a physician, open MRI procedures are one of our specialties and we’ll be happy to show you why when you schedule your appointment with us. Learn more about our open MRI by contacting us at 732-737-8453 or stopping by our newly remodeled imaging center in Middletown, New Jersey today!