High-Quality Digital Radiography

If you’re looking for the best medical imaging services in New Jersey, Middletown Medical Imaging provides a full spectrum of diagnostic imaging for any patient. With an experienced team performing imaging procedures in a comfortable, convenient, and friendly outpatient location, you can enjoy faster, more accurate service.

Whether you’re a patient or a physician, choosing the digital radiography at Middletown is a way to ensure the highest quality imaging in the most relaxed atmosphere. Our newly remodeled imaging center is welcoming and equipped with state of the art imaging devices. There’s no better place to get your testing done.

Here are some of the medical imaging services we offer:

  • Open MRI – accurate images without the claustrophobia. We accommodate patients of all sizes with ease, allowing for increased peace of mind during scans. The highly detailed images we obtain are useful for a wide range of diagnostic tasks.
  • High-Res Ultrasound – both safe and painless, our high resolution ultrasound allows physicians to detect and diagnose a variety of conditions affecting soft tissues and organs. Our ACUSON X300 offers exceptional performance and maximum efficiency for the best digital radiography results available.
  • 16 Slice CT Scan – detailed images of bones and soft tissues are simple with computerized topography. With our 16 slice CT scanner, your doctor or specialist can see more of your body with unmatched precision. From organs to blood vessels, you’ll be able to get more accurate diagnoses from your physicians using this low patient exposure technique.
  • Digital X-ray – digital radiography uses low radiation but yields incredible detailed results. Lasting only a few seconds as opposed to 10 to 30 minutes in traditional units, digital x-rays allow patients to be out of the office quicker and physicians to receive results much faster.

Scheduling an appointment for digital radiography is simple. Just fill out an online form and one of our team members will contact you within one business hour. But you don’t even need an appointment to enlist our services. We welcome walk- in customers as well. If you want to schedule your appointment or ask us questions about our medical imaging services, contact us today at 732-737-8453.