The Latest Developments in Advanced Medical Imaging

Advanced medical imaging technology lets us take an unprecedented look at what goes on in your body. Whether we’re looking for broken bones or trying to analyze a cancerous tumor, we use the latest technology to provide you with the best possible care.

Digital Radiography
Digital radiography, or digital X-rays, have allowed medical clinics to say goodbye to X-ray films. Instead of asking you to carry X-ray images from doctor to doctor, your doctor can simply upload your digital X-ray image to a cloud portal. From there, you and doctors at multiple clinics always have access to your latest X-rays. Advanced medical imaging is convenient for patients, and enables doctors to collaborate like never before.

Open MRI Technology
Open MRI machines aren’t ideal for certain types of highly detailed scans; they’re much more convenient for routine scans. Patients who feel confined and uncomfortable in traditional MRI machines can get the same advanced medical imaging quality — minus the enclosed feeling — with open MRI technology. Some patients enjoy music, ambient light, and soothing imagery during their scan. At Middletown Medical Imagine we’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make our patients comfortable.

High-Resolution Ultrasound
Recent advancements in ultrasound have transformed the way machines process signals. Now, instead of converting sound waves to electrical signals, high-resolution ultrasound can convert sound waves into optical signals. This advanced medical imaging development allows doctors to see much clearer and sharper images. Because optimal signals don’t require as much bandwidth as electrical signals, ultrasound images require less computing power.

Next-Generation CT Scans
With less radiation than a traditional CT scan, next-gen CT scans can produce astounding images. Doctors can see internal organs to such great detail that they can even see blood moving through a patient’s blood vessels. Patients receive better care with fewer worries about radiation exposure, thanks to advanced medical imaging from next-generation CT scans.

Only the Best for Our Patients
You deserve the best that medical technology has to offer, and that’s what you’ll receive at Middletown Imaging. Call us today to set up your advanced medical imaging appointment