Back Pain: How Your Doctor Finds the Root of the Problem

When you are experiencing any chronic back pain, it can be frustrating to figure out what is causing it. Whether it is making it hard for you to open MRIfunction in daily life or it preventing you from getting a good night’s rest, there are certain things your doctor will do to find the root of your discomfort. Here is how your physician discovers what is causing your back pain.

They will ask about your activity leading up to the pain – One of the first things your doctor will investigate in finding the cause of your back pain is the activity leading up to it. They might ask if you were lifting a heavy object or if you moved your body too quickly in the moment. This helps them figure out the timeline of your pain, starting with what might have triggered it.

They will ask about the pain itself – After your doctor questions about what lead up to the pain, they may inquire about the kind of pain you are experiencing. They might ask if it comes and goes, or if it stays for most of the day. Additionally, they will ask you to describe what the pain feels in your body; such as if it is pulsating or if it is achy.

If necessary, they will send you for testing – If further investigation needs to be done into your back pain, your doctor might send you for digital imaging. This can include x-rays, an open MRI, or other types of diagnostic imaging, so they can see what is going on in the part of your body. Imaging also gives them a detailed picture of the issue and can provide them better insight on how to treat your pain.

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