Exploring the Diagnostic Process for Endometriosis

doctor in exam roomEndometriosis is a painful condition characterized by the abnormal growth of uterine cells outside of the uterus. The symptoms include pelvic pain, painful bowel movements and urination, painful intercourse, and infertility. There are a variety of tests that a doctor will use to diagnose endometriosis.

Pelvic Exam – The first step to identifying endometriosis is to undergo a pelvic exam. Your doctor will feel for abnormalities in your pelvis, including cysts and scars. Unless a cyst has formed, it may be difficult to identify signs of endometriosis this way.

Ultrasound – An ultrasound uses sound waves to capture images inside of your body. To get the best image, your doctor may order both a traditional ultrasound and a transvaginal ultrasound. While this test cannot definitively diagnose endometriosis, it can reveal cysts that have formed as a result of the disease.

MRI – If you have cysts on your reproductive organs, an MRI can be used to help the surgeon locate them for removal. An open MRI uses magnetic fields to produce images of structures within your body, including your organs.

When you need an ultrasound, MRI, or other imaging test, visit Middletown Medical Imaging. We provide quality diagnostic imaging services in Middletown, NJ, and the surrounding area.

What to Expect at your First Trimester Ultrasound

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now what? During your first trimester of pregnancy, there are high resolution ultrasoundmany “firsts” that new mothers encounter. Many doctors recommend a high resolution ultrasound at six to nine weeks during pregnancy. This routine, noninvasive ultrasound is performed to ensure a healthy pregnancy by considering any potential risks and the age of your baby.

It is important to know that an ultrasound is safe and simple. The knowledgeable staff at Middletown Medical Imaging will lay you down on the exam table and apply a small amount of gel onto your stomach. We apply a transducer to your abdomen which is a fancy instrument than can read high-frequency sound waves through your body’s tissue. The transducer will act as a wand to be able to show you a digital scan of detailed information and images of your fetus.

Your first ultrasound should confirm a visible representation of your baby’s heartbeat. This is an exciting feature that allows the mother to feel connected to her future child. You can also expect to learn the due date of your fetus. This will allow you to plan properly for your pregnancy.

Our physicians are skilled and compassionate to all our patients! Visit our patient portal to schedule an ultrasound appointment today.

The ACUSON X300™ Ultrasound System by Siemens®

Dr. Rijsinghani At Middletown Medical ImagingTo help our professionals provide you with the highest level of ultrasound and digital radiography services in NJ, our center uses the ACUSON X300. This innovative system delivers superior images and extends our general, cardiac, and OB/GYN capabilities. It also improves our ability to provide you with reliable diagnostic services.

The ACUSON X300 PE is extremely versatile, allowing us to apply its technology across a wide range services and serve patients in a variety of exam stages. This includes providing imaging services for patients with conditions that are traditionally more difficult to image.

In addition to increased usability, this system’s synthetic aperture technology and Hanafy lens transducer technology provide us with exceptional image clarity as well as evenness. This translates into accurate images on which doctors base your diagnosis.

For our OB/GYN patients, the ACUSON X300 meets all of the demands obstetric and gynecological procedures have. Moreover, its fourSight™ technology provides you with 3D imaging solutions, producing high-quality images of your womb and the growing child inside. Furthermore, the machine features innovative syngo® Auto OB measurement technology, which is programmed to recognize fetal anatomic landmarks. This tool also makes performing standard measurements easier, maximizing exam efficiency.

For our cardiac patients, the ACUSON X300 allows our professionals to approach your echocardiography exam with diagnostic confidence. That’s because it provides us with automated measurements and precise, 3D rendering of mitral valve structures as well as blood flows. This helps us diagnose carefully and precisely.

Efficient High-Resolution Ultrasound Services

High Resolution Ultrasound in NJUltrasounds have come a long way since they were initially created! Many people remember the grainy and low-resolution images of yesteryear, but things have certainly changed. The crew at Middletown Imaging provides exceptional high-resolution ultrasound in NJ services for your needs. Whether you are seeking abdomen, testicle, spleen, or liver scans, we are here to help you.

If you are not familiar with ultrasound, rest assured that this is a safe and simple process. Ultrasounds work by sending high-frequency sound waves through your body tissues using a transducer. The echoes made by these sound waves are converted into images, showing the size, shape, and consistency of organs and soft tissues.

We use the ACUSON X300™ ultrasound system by Siemens to perform these services. This is a lightweight system that is able to be used in a variety of clinical situations. Technicians love this selection because it features modern technology that allows us to perform faster exams.

Our business welcomes physician referrals. We work fast for referring physicians, providing detailed reports for your doctor to study within 24 hours. If it is an emergency, we can even provide reports within one hour. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll provide you with an efficient ultrasound.