Using Abdominal X-Rays to Diagnose Crohn’s Disease

man with stomach painIf your doctor suspects that you are suffering from Chron’s disease, they may order an abdominal X-ray, which will help them see into your digestive tract. Unlike other X-rays, this procedure will require you to drink a solution of either barium or iodine, which sticks to the walls of your intestines and makes it easier to see where problems may lay. This type of X-ray is called a fluoroscopy.

Upper GI – An upper GI scan looks at your esophagus, stomach, and the first part of your small intestine. This test is also known as a barium or contract X-ray.

Air Contrast – Air contrast or double contrast GI studies provide an even more detailed scan. The doctor will add baking soda crystals to the barium to make it fizz.

Lower GI – Instead of drinking barium, it will be administered as an enema so that the doctor can examine your large intestine. It also shows the end of your small intestine and your appendix.

Your doctor may order one or all of these scans to help them diagnose Chron’s disease. Digital X-ray imaging provided by Middletown Imaging is done using the best medical imaging technology that uses an extremely low dose of radiation. Contact us today at 732-275-0999 to schedule your abdominal X-ray.

Foot X-Rays – What You Need to Know

Having any type of medical digital imaging can be nerve-racking, especially if you’ve never had one digital x-ray imaging for your footbefore. If you’re having some form of orthopedic X-ray done, such as your feet or hands, not being able to use those parts of your body can be a bit scary for the time being.  Here are a few things you need to know before going into your first foot X-Ray and what to expect from it.

Try to wear easily removable shoes – Before your foot X-ray, it’s important to know what to expect before you go in. One of the most important things to know is to wear easily removable footwear and socks since you’ll need to take them off before the procedure. This helps to speed up the process and make it less uncomfortable for you.

Wearing comfortable pants – Along with wearing comfortable shoes and socks to easily be removed for the procedure, wearing comfortable and flexible pants is important as well. Pants that are easy to move in and roll up at the ankle are going to be vital to making your foot X-Ray go as smoothly as possible.

Try to relax – Getting the most accurate picture of your foot as possible is the goal of this X-ray, so it’s important that you’re relaxed and still. If you’re agitated and upset, which is natural before an X-ray, your technician may not get the best picture possible. Try deep breathing or meditation before the procedure to fully feel at ease for your test.

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Different Types of Medical Imaging

Whether you’ve broken a bone, you are suffering from an illness, or you are experiencing chronic pain, thanks doctor looking at x-ray of brainto medical imaging, your doctors will be able to pinpoint exactly what is going on inside your body and provide you with the necessary treatment. Imaging centers in NJ and other imaging centers throughout the country utilize a variety of tools and machines to analyze what is going on inside the body.

Here’s a look at some of the most commonly used medical imaging tools:

X-rays: An x-ray is one of the most common types of medical imaging. This tool uses electromagnetic waves, a type of radiation, to capture images inside the body. X-rays can be used to treat a variety of ailments, from broken bones to slipped discs to locating splinters inside a finger.

MRIs: Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, combines a large magnet and radio waves in order to get look at the structures within the body. This type of medical imaging provides a very clear picture, allowing medical professionals to make a more accurate diagnosis and select the most efficient treatment options.

CT Scans: Computed tomography uses specialized X-ray equipment to take cross-sectional pictures of the body.

Ultrasounds: An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves in order to examine the various organs and structures inside the body. An ultrasound can be used to examine various parts of the body, including the heart, the kidneys, the liver, the reproductive system, and even the extremities. They are also often used during pregnancy to examine the condition of the developing fetus.

If you are suffering from a medical ailment, there is a very good chance that your doctor will order one of these types of medical imaging tests in order to pinpoint what is causing your ailment and to determine the best type of treatment.

Benefits of Choosing Digital Radiography

Middletown Medical Imaging 16 Slice CT ScanDigital radiography offers faster, more accurate, and overall superior results than analog or traditional x-rays. Some benefits, like lower cost, are very apparent. There are many more advantages to choosing this advanced technology for your medical needs, however.

Digital imaging allows medical professionals to employ computer-aided diagnostic tools. This improves accuracy when treating specific conditions. The digital machines also experience far fewer quality issues because there is no need to develop film.

Analog (traditional) x-ray machines require significantly more radiation than digital machines. Though numbers vary and depend on usage, digital radiography in Middletown can reduce radiation exposure by a factor of 10. More specifically, a study concentrating on skeletal radiography saw reduction levels of 20% and 50%.

Efficiency is key to keeping patients’ experiences positive. By choosing digital radiography, doctors are able to take twice as many images as they could with analog or even CR technologies. In addition, the digital images provided by today’s advanced machines can be sent via secured email. This means faster, more accurate diagnostics. Digital images also further reduce costs because fewer professionals are required to handle them.

Chemical treatments and thus waste are required to produce analogue x-rays. Digital x-rays eliminate the need for these pollutants, reducing waste and making radiography more environmentally friendly.

Identifying Injuries with a Digital X-Ray

Digital X Ray In Middletown NJWhen you have broken a limb or are dealing with issues with your joints, Middletown Medical Imaging is here to help you. As dedicated technicians, we are ready to provide you with high-quality digital X-ray imaging in Middletown, NJ.

When you come to our location, our certified technicians will get started! After you enter our examination area, you’ll be positioned on our exam table and the radiation machinery will be activated. Typically, this process takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Because we care about you, we use machinery that operates using only a small dose of radiation. Once we have taken the images, we can manipulate them as needed for a diverse and accurate diagnostic interpretation. Reports are typically available within a day from your imaging appointment and can be provided within one hour on an emergency basis.

Are you looking for a place in the Middletown area to provide you with digital X-ray services? Then you’ve found the right one! We offer appointments for our services, but also welcome walk-ins. Whether you need an X-ray to locate foreign objects in soft tissue or just have a request from a doctor, our crew is prepared to assist you with your needs.