Don’t Worry About Claustrophobia with Our Open MRI Machine in New Jersey

Are feelings of fear and panic stopping you from getting the MRI you need? You’re not alone. As many as four in 10 people experience feelings of claustrophobia in a traditional MRI machine. You don’t need to let your fear keep you from reaping the benefits of an MRI. With open Middletown Imaging’s open MRI in New Jersey, you can get the imaging procedure you so desperately need with none of the claustrophobia you’d expect from a traditional MRI.

Feel Safe and Comfortable

At Middletown Medical Imaging, we can offer claustrophobic patients the use of a high-field open MRI machine. Instead of being in a closed tube that inspires feelings of panic in people with claustrophobia, the high-field open MRI machine is open on the sides. Patients feel safer and more comfortable in this spacious machine, where nothing is pressing on their shoulders and arms, or making them feel trapped.

When you get your imaging procedure done in our open MRI in New Jersey, you’ll enjoy an unimpeded 270-degree view that reduces or eliminates feelings of claustrophobia. Not only will you feel more comfortable in this more open machine, but the large gap allows nervous patients to watch a video during the procedure. The wide, sturdy, and comfortable MRI table accommodates patients of all sizes.

Because the Hitachi Airis Elite open MRI that we use here at Middletown Medical Imaging uses the latest in MRI technology to reduce the effects of patient motion during the scan, open MRI is an ideal choice for children or anyone who is concerned about their ability to remain still during the scan procedure. The design of the high-field open MRI means you can benefit from the assistance of a therapist or other professional during your scan, to help relieve any lingering feelings of fear.

Don’t let your feelings of claustrophobia keep you from getting the MRI you need. Choose Middletown Imaging’s open MRI in New Jersey instead. Book your appointment online today.