Fact or Fiction: The MRI Edition

open MRIWe frequently receive a variety of questions about digital imaging, MRI’s, and other diagnostic testing that are due to misinformation. Whether someone told you that an MRI could cause cancer or you read it in an article online, there are plenty of myths out there about the way imaging takes place. Here are some frequent inquiries we receive about MRI’s and if they are fact or fiction.

“I need a prescription from my doctor to get an MRI.”

Fact or fiction: This is a fact. It is a law that you must have a prescription obtain any form of radiology testing in an outpatient center.

“I can get cancer from the radiation in an MRI.”

Fact or fiction: This is also fiction. An MRI does not use any radiation during the testing; it only uses magnetic fields and soundwaves to produce the images of your body. Additionally, other diagnostic testing that does use radiation – such as X-rays, do not cause cancer either because the level of radiation you are exposed to is very minuscule.

“I cannot have an MRI because I have had a knee/hip/other joint replacement.”

Fact or fiction: This is both fact and fiction. While implants that contain metal, such as cochlear or ocular implants, can cause issues with the MRI machine, but not all replacements include metal. There are a variety of different materials that joint replacements are made from that will not interfere with the MRI’s magnets, so it is best to talk to your doctor before you go for your test to determine if it is right for you.

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