Facts About Lung Cancer Screenings

digital x-ray imagingAccording to the National Cancer Institute’s Lung Screening Trial in 2010, patients who had low-dose CT scans of their chest and lungs lowered their risk of dying from lung cancer around 15-20%. With modern medicine giving us the ability to screen for deadly diseases like lung cancer, it is best we take advantage of it and be proactive about our health. If you are looking for more facts about this type of preventive screening and how it can help save your life, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

There are many risk factors involved in developing lung cancer – While smoking is the top factor in someone developing lung cancer and the most preventable, there are a variety of other things that come into play when evaluating your risk of developing this disease. Things like growing up in a household that had secondhand smoke, as well as a patient’s exposure to things like radon and asbestos all play into them developing lung cancer.

If found early via CT scan, it can be easier to treat – Even though lung cancer might seem like a scary term for some, if it is found early in a low-dose CT scan, it can be easier to treat. Like most early stages of cancer, spots on the lungs can be addressed quickly when found in a patient, allowing for the likelihood of survival to become larger.

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