Getting Ready for an X-Ray

Getting ready for your first X-ray can be daunting, especially if you have never had any form of digital imaging done before. While the procedure X-ray of headitself is not scary or painful in any way, there are specific things you need to do to prepare before arriving at the facility for your appointment. Here are a few ways in which you need to prepare before your X-ray:

Leave your jewelry and other accessories at home – Before your X-ray, the technician will ask you to remove any metal jewelry or accessories. If possible, it is best to leave these things at home before you arrive at your procedure to not only make it easier on yourself but to make the testing process go smoother as well.

Wear comfortable clothing – Another way that you can get ready for your X-ray is to arrive wearing comfortable, easy to remove clothing. Since you will need to undress into a medical gown or another medical garment before having your X-ray done, wearing clothing that is not only comfortable for you to move in but also simple for you to remove will make the imaging go quicker.

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