How an MRI Can Measure Brain Atrophy in Alzheimer’s

One of the most remarkable things about modern medicine is how it can detect illnesses or disorders in a variety of ways. Advances in the field open MRIof research make it able to find specific conditions such as Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease before it becomes too late for a patient. MRI’s and other types of digital imaging have been used to find atrophy, or the degeneration of cells, in the brain caused by Alzheimer’s. Here is how an MRI can spot Alzheimer’s atrophy.

MRI’s and Alzheimer’s

Since an MRI is one of the most commonly excepted forms of diagnosing Alzheimer’s, it is used quite often to study the progression of the deterioration, as well as in research about the disease. Additionally, MRIs are one of the most detailed kinds of digital imaging available, so they are also used to detect other types of degenrative conditions as well.

Through the use of magnets and radio sound waves, the MRI machine produces an image of the patient’s brain that can be used to see where the degeneration is taking place. Usually, the patient’s MRI of their brain is compared to that of someone else that does not have a neurodegenerative disorder to see what the difference between the two scans present to the radiologist.

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