How to Prevent Sports Injuries

woman lacing sneakersSports injuries can happen at any time, to any athlete, but there are steps you can take to prevent sports injuries during practice and on game day.

Warm Up and Cool Down – It is essential to warm your muscles up slowly before beginning any activity. A short jog or some jumping jacks before stretching and before hitting the court keeps muscles flexible. They will be better able to meet the demands of your sport. Likewise, cooling down after an activity helps you maintain flexibility. Stopping an activity suddenly can lead to stiff muscles that are more prone to injury.

Stretching – Stretching before and after playing a sport helps keep your muscles flexible. Jumping into an activity cold leaves you prone to injuries.

Flexibility – We’ve mentioned that warm-ups and stretching are essential for keeping you flexible, but there are other activities you can do. Simply going to a yoga class when you’re taking a rest day can help your body tremendously.

Rest Days – Don’t push yourself too hard. Take rest days at least one or twice a week to let your body recover. Working out nonstop can put you at risk for overuse injuries.

Listen to Your Body – If you are in pain, or not feeling well, do not play sports. Your body is telling you that something is wrong, and failing to listen to those signals can cause serious harm. Always listen to your body and let it rest when it needs to.

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