Medical Advances That Make Life Easier

Medicine is an ever-evolving field. Much of what we enjoy today has come after years of research, work, doctor patient and nurse MRI roomexperiments, and trials. New breakthroughs are being made all the time, but there are some discoveries that will always stand out as changing human thinking forever. From routine procedures such as X-rays and open MRI scanners to newer life-saving advances in the realm of disease treatment and prevention, our lives are better today because of these advances. Here are some of the most influential ones.


Looking through history books it is easy to see how this discovery has changed our lives. Many medical procedures from bullet removal to limb amputations to childbirth were once performed with no anesthetics. Many people died during procedures simply due to the pain and shock of the surgeries and operations. Today we enjoy a lot less pain during many procedures and also have developed pain-free tests and procedures that allow doctors to diagnose and treat without risk of further harm.


Without the medical advances of vaccinations, many have speculated that the human race would not still be alive today. From smallpox to Polio, vaccinations may be a hot topic for debate today but it cannot be denied that they have save millions of lives. Widespread plagues are something that is relatively unknown in the developed world and this is largely thanks to improved sanitation and vaccinations.

Diagnostic Testing

Way back when, if doctors needed to see something inside a patient the only choice was to cut them open and take a look. This led to massive shock, increased risk for death due to infection and complications, and a host of other problems. However, thanks to diagnostic testing this is a routine procedure many receive as part of their regular checkups. Things like X-rays and open MRI scanners, and Cat Scans make it so invasive procedures are no longer necessary for many simple diagnostics.

No one can deny that the medical field has changed greatly in recent years but when compared to 100 years ago the difference is almost night and day. Anesthetics make surgeries and procedures safer and more tolerable. Vaccines help protect against deadly diseases. And diagnostics like open MRI scanners help us stay healthy. We owe a lot to the advances in medicine and medical procedures for the quality of life we now enjoy!