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At Middletown Medical Imaging, our advanced imaging services are designed to foster your convenience and your patients’ comfort while enhancing the diagnostic process with state-of-the-art technology and conscientious service standards.

Our Hitachi Airis Elite open MRI provides high-quality images for diagnostic accuracy without the restrictions associated with traditional MRI machines. Your claustrophobic and bariatric patients will enjoy a less intimidating experience with more space, superior comfort and reassuring communication with our technicians throughout the procedure.

When a CT scan is the more appropriate choice, we can obtain precision images with our Hitachi 16-slice computed tomography scanner. When bone and joint problems require investigation, our digital x-ray equipment produces results that can be easily manipulated to provide additional data while exposing patients to lower doses of radiation. For maximum efficiency in diagnosing soft tissue and organ disease, our Accuson X300 high-resolution ultrasound system by Siemens delivers exceptional performance.

Our staff is devoted to providing test results quickly, so your patients benefit from faster diagnosis and treatment. Imaging reports are typically available within 24 hours or within one hour in emergency situations. Access results through our Physician’s Portal where you can also find convenient links to prescription pads and patient referral forms.

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