Sarcoma Awareness Month: What You Should Know

Did you know that July is National Sarcoma Awareness Month? Sarcoma, which is one of the rarest and deadly forms of cancer, is found in the medical digital imagingconnective tissue of the body. Connective tissues can be seen almost anywhere in one part of your body that is adjoined to another, such as any cartilage, muscle, or nerve tissue. We want all of our patients at Middletown Medical Imaging to be aware of the different types of sarcoma and the warning signs of it developing in your body. Here are some fast facts about this rare cancer:

  • According to the Sarcoma Alliance, which is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing education and research about the disease, there are over 25 subtypes of the cancer.
  • While there are well over 25 subtypes of sarcomas, each subtype can be categorized into either a soft tissue or bone sarcoma.
  • The two major categories, soft tissue and bone sarcoma, are placed depending on where this type of cancer develops.
  • One of the most common age group at risk to develop either a bone or soft tissue sarcoma are children under 20 years old.
  • In addition to children being one of the most diagnosed groups for sarcoma, other people at risk are those who have Paget’s disease, those who have specific genetic disorders, and those who have had family members that have been treated for sarcoma.
  • Certain medical digital imaging, such as CT scans, MRI’s, and ultrasounds, have been crucial in the early detection of sarcoma in many patients.