Seeing Deeper With A High Quality Digital X-Ray Machine

BMiddletown Medical Imaging | Digital Xrayoth patients and physicians have been choosing Middletown Medical Imaging for digital x-ray services. With our digital x-ray machine, scans are performed much faster than with traditional x-ray equipment. The entire procedure only takes several seconds, as opposed to standard x-rays which can take between 10 and 30 minutes. It is much easier to hold injuries still for a few seconds than it is to keep them still for up to half an hour.

This more efficient process allows patients to get in and out of their appointments quicker. Physicians can then receive reports within 24 hours, or even a single hour on a stat basis.

Digital x-rays are not only fast—they’re accurate. With a digital x-ray machine, it’s easier to:

  • locate foreign objects in soft issue
  • Identify bone fractures
  • Investigate pain sources
  • View joint injuries and infections

With an extremely low dose of radiation, digital x-rays are safer, and they can be manipulated by physicians for a more diverse and accurate diagnostic interpretation.

At Middletown Medical Imaging, we provide the highest quality patient care and services. It’s easy to schedule a digital x-ray appointment with us, but we welcome walk-in patients as well. No appointment is necessary. Visit us for your digital x-ray today!