Digital X-Ray in Middletown NJ

Middletown Medical Imaging | Digital XrayDo you need a digital X-ray in Middletown, NJ? Find out why both patients and their doctors choose Middletown Medical Imaging for high-quality digital X-Ray imaging services.

Why Do I Need a Digital X-Ray?

Common uses of a digital X-ray include:

  • Identifying Bone Fractures
  • View Joint Injuries and Infections
  • Investigate Abdominal Pain
  • Locate Foreign Objects in Soft Tissue

What Should I Expect During a Digital X-Ray?

You will be greeted by our experienced and certified X-ray technician who will escort you to your exam room. You will be asked either to stand near a cassette holder or lie on our exam table for proper positioning. Our technician will then step behind a radiation barrier and ask you to remain still for several seconds. The X-ray equipment is then activated, and radiation exposure to the cassette occurs. A digital X-ray exam typically takes between 10 and 30 minutes.

Benefits of a Digital X-Ray in Middletown NJ

At Middletown Medical Associates, we’re proud to use the best medical digital imaging equipment that operates using an extremely low dose of radiation. Images can easily be manipulated for a more diverse and accurate diagnostic interpretation.

Physician Referrals for Digital X-Rays Throughout New Jersey

We offer an advanced level of digital X-ray imaging services services to help physicians offer quality patient care and provide a fast, efficient diagnosis. Our digital x-ray machine is much faster than a traditional X-ray machine, allowing your patients to get in and out much faster.

It’s easy to schedule an appointment for a digital X-ray in Middletown, NJ at Middletown Medical Imaging. No Appointments Necessary, Walk-Ins Welcome too.