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Feel Comfortable with an Open MRI

Open MRI in New JerseyHaving an MRI is never fun, but you want to be comfortable while it is done! Being confined into a tiny tube can be frightening, so the team at Middletown Imaging provide open MRI services. This is a less restrictive and confined MRI that allows us to perform scans on all types of people, as well as gives you a chance to feel a bit more comfortable while you are getting a scan.

Do you suffer from claustrophobia? Then having an open MRI is ideal. When you make an appointment with us for an MRI, you’ll get to lay down on a cushioned table that slides easily into the MRI machine. Our team monitors you the whole time and uses a high-end speaker system to make sure you are comfortable during the procedure.

If you are overweight, it can be problematic to have a standard MRI. When you have an open MRI performed, you’ll have no problem getting a proper scan without having to worry about squeezing into a tiny tube. Additionally, our open MRI’s body weight capacity allows us to scan anyone who is a bit larger.

Make an appointment for an open MRI in New Jersey at Middletown Imaging and you’ll be comfortable! We want you to have peace of mind during your scan, so we do what we can to make things ideal.