The Benefits of Open MRI Scans

Odds are you will need to have an MRI done at some point in your life, whether for precaution or in conjunctionshutterstock_82898335 with a condition or illness examination. An MRI scans your body uses a magnetic field to create images of the internal structures of your body by cross-sectioning them using radio waves. A magnetic resonance image is often taken when doctors need to determine if there are any issues with the tissue in a certain area.

The tissue can be distinguished from one another on the digital scan because of the water content and magnetic properties of each portion of your body. What makes an MRI so useful is that it can give detailed information about the structures of ligaments, and cartilage, whereas other machines (x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans) may only be able to see large organs or bone structure.

For those who get nervous in tight spaces, there have been open MRI machines created that do not completely surround your body. The open MRI machine has many advantages including: being able to take MRI scans of people who are obese or overweight, and may make people feel calmer and relaxed which is paramount to getting a high-quality picture. For those who need to get an MRI done, but don’t want to use a traditional MRI machine may want to travel to the Middletown open MRI New Jersey facility that specializes in doing open MRI scans.

The Middletown open MRI New Jersey facility can diagnose medical conditions that are related to abnormalities in the spinal cord and brain, tumors or cysts, injuries to the joints, diseases of the liver, causes of pelvic pain, and even some types of heart problems.

However there are some risks associated with MRI scans, and therefore people who have artificial limbs or pacemakers may want to talk to the health care professional before their scheduled appointment. Those who are sensitive to dyes, or those who have any type of metal in their body, need to notify the MRI operator.