Things That Can Be Found in an MRI

open MRI machineOn our blog at Middletown Medical Imaging, we have discussed the various types of diagnostic tests that can be done at our facility to find things like cancer, traumatic brain injuries, and hairline fractures in a bone. However, there are plenty of other conditions, diseases, and injuries that an MRI can locate without being invasive to the patient. Here are a few different medical conditions that an MRI can detect without having surgery:

Crohn’s disease – According to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Crohn’s disease affects over 700,000 people in the United States alone. This painful condition creates inflammation and tearing in a patient’s small bowel and GI tract, which can cause constant diarrhea, weight loss, anemia, and potentially death. An MRI can help doctors see inflammation, tearing, and blockages in the GI tract, which allows them to diagnose Crohn’s disease.

Kidney stones – If you have had a kidney stone before, you know the excruciating pain that comes with passing it. While kidney stones are generally not a life-threatening condition if caught in time, they are something that causes a great deal of discomfort and physical pain to someone who has them. Luckily, surgery is not always needed to get rid of kidney stones, and they can be detected through an MRI or ultrasound to be treated accordingly.

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