Using Abdominal X-Rays to Diagnose Crohn’s Disease

man with stomach painIf your doctor suspects that you are suffering from Chron’s disease, they may order an abdominal X-ray, which will help them see into your digestive tract. Unlike other X-rays, this procedure will require you to drink a solution of either barium or iodine, which sticks to the walls of your intestines and makes it easier to see where problems may lay. This type of X-ray is called a fluoroscopy.

Upper GI – An upper GI scan looks at your esophagus, stomach, and the first part of your small intestine. This test is also known as a barium or contract X-ray.

Air Contrast – Air contrast or double contrast GI studies provide an even more detailed scan. The doctor will add baking soda crystals to the barium to make it fizz.

Lower GI – Instead of drinking barium, it will be administered as an enema so that the doctor can examine your large intestine. It also shows the end of your small intestine and your appendix.

Your doctor may order one or all of these scans to help them diagnose Chron’s disease. Digital X-ray imaging provided by Middletown Imaging is done using the best medical imaging technology that uses an extremely low dose of radiation. Contact us today at 732-275-0999 to schedule your abdominal X-ray.