Who Benefits from an Open MRI?

patient in hospital gownWhen you need an MRI, you may be feeling nervous for a variety of different reasons. At Middletown Medical Imaging, we offer an open MRI for our patients’ comfort. Choosing an open MRI over a traditional closed MRI can have a lot of benefits for certain people who are unable to use a traditional MRI.

Claustrophobic Patients – Putting a claustrophobic patient in an enclosed space for a medical scan is a safety risk for the patient, so we want to avoid that at all costs. It is very important that patients are as comfortable as possible during the scan because they will be required to be still. An open MRI allows the patient to remain calm.

Patients with Mobility Issues – Some MRI scans will require patients to shift position during the scan, but for someone with mobility issues, this can be difficult or impossible. With an open MRI, a nurse can access the patient to move them into the necessary position without difficulty.

Large Patients – Traditional MRIs are pretty narrow, which can make it impossible for some patients to fit in the machine. An open MRI has a much larger capacity, allowing patients of all sizes to get an MRI.

Everyone – An open MRI is much more comfortable than a closed one, which is a benefit to every patient. When you need an MRI, book an appointment with Middletown Medical Imaging online or call our office at 732-275-0999.